The Benefits of Games

Games are a form of entertainment where players attempt to meet the game’s aims, which often require skill or luck. A game may be a standalone experience (such as chess or a videogame) or part of a larger experience, such as a tournament.

Games can promote cognitive growth and development in areas of the brain dedicated to problem-solving and logic. These games can provide puzzles and challenges that force players to multitask, prioritize objectives and think quickly.

They can also improve spatial reasoning and navigation in 3D space, which is useful for real-world tasks like navigating subway maps or understanding the layout of a city. They also can help people learn sensorimotor patterns and movements faster than they could without playing video games.

Kids develop essential life skills while playing games, such as communication, teamwork and strategy. Games can also teach children how to be patient as they wait their turn and practice resilience and adaptability.

Gaming can help kids increase their social skills, especially in multiplayer settings. They can make friends and get involved in activities, such as sports.

Studies have found that video games can also help alleviate anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. One study found that even ten minutes of casual gaming a day can reduce the number of negative flashbacks someone with PTSD experiences.

While these effects are positive, they’re not permanent. Some benefits of gaming, such as improving memory and spatial reasoning, diminish after a certain amount of time.


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